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DotHill Storage Servers


If you are looking for a ultra reliable and scaleable storage solution look no further. SGM carries one of the leading lines of SAN solution for any size environment. Dot Hill Systems manufactures carrier-class data storage solutions and services. With SANnet® solutions that include storage area networks, MIL-STD-810F and NEBS Level 3 certified systems for government, military, Telco, Internet operations, and world-class service capabilities, Dot Hill is uniquely positioned to address the storage requirements of mission-critical continuous computing environments.

OpenAxis Intelligence Overview
Dot Hill announces a new generation of storage networks- superbly balanced, with unprecedented intelligence at the core. OpenAxis Intelligence ensures that your storage network keeps pace with your business. Unlike competitive alternatives, our products extend the performance and reliability of your current IT investment. Our long-standing commitment to open standards lets you build your network over time with best-of-breed solutions. The result - a truly scalable storage network with carrier-class reliability and the industry's best value.
The Axis Storage Manager family of products enables companies to enhance their existing IT infrastructures without replacing them regardless of what storage is used. Axis also provides mirroring, remote replication and disaster recovery options for mission-critical applications.

SanNet II Intelligent Storage Solutions
Fibre Channel Solutions
Fibre Channel SAN Solution with two redundant hot-swappable FC RAID controllers. This powerful, flexible and highly scalable solution can expand to 28TB. RAID and JBOD models available

SCSI Solutions
Compact, rugged, high performance, 12-drive, SCSI RAID storage system thatís specifically designed for applications such as image processing, web streaming, e-mail, messaging, and databases. RAID and JBOD models available.
SANnet II Blade
Ultra-slim, rack-mountable storage array with up to four hot-swappable, Ultra160 SCSI disk drives providing over a half terabyte of storage in a 1U form factor. RAID and JBOD models available.

Storage Management Software
Ubiquitous storage on demand
Seeing and controlling storage resources anywhere in the world from one location is every IT manager's dream. SANscape management software makes the dream a reality. Its simple, powerful user interface lets you intuitively configure, maintain, and monitor your storage resources. Our SANpath software ensures constant data availability across the network, enhances bandwidth, lets you modify the network without server restarts, and provides LUN masking. By adding OpenAxis Intelligence, you can see and control additional devices over IP.

SANscape is a SAN management software suite that enables enterprise-wide administration of Dot Hillís SANnet storage systems across existing local and wide area networks.

SANpath software provides intelligent I/O path management, extending Dot Hillís no-single-point-of-failure redundancy and non-stop availability to storage area networks.

Intelligent Support
Dot Hill understands the critical role its products play in maintaining business continuity for customers. Therefore, Dot Hill maintains a global network of professional engineers and technicians who provide continuous telephone technical support from its strategically located Global Response Centers. All customers receive 24 x 7 telephone technical support as well as the use of SANsolve, Dot Hill's support knowledge base.
To meet the unique needs of its customers, Dot Hill offers four levels of customer service: Basic Bronze, Standard Silver, Enhanced Gold and Mission Critical Platinum. Support options include remote monitoring and notification, four-hour on-site response, on-site spares, project consultation, and complete specialized site-support programs. Global Parts Depots provide immediate accessibility to replacement parts.

Tape Libraries
Since data is one of the most valuable assets of any enterprise, backing up this precious asset protects against user error, hardware failure, site inaccessibility or any other unforeseen loss. Our tape libraries easily connect with a SAN to provide a reliable backup solution that doesnít tax network bandwidth. This solution consists of hardware and software options from industry leaders, and customized configuration and consultation support from Dot Hill.
TL Library Series
The TL series of libraries provide unsurpassed performance while providing a variety of drive and cartridge capacity options at a very economical price. Choose from models, which support AIT, DLT, SDLT, SDLT320, LTO and LTO2 drives. Models range from 1 drive and 10 cartridges up to 12 drives and 600 cartridges. In many cases you can start with a lower slot count and upgrade later, further enhancing the value proposition.
Neo Library Series
Incorporates expandable, modular robotics, live swap drives, remote failover, redundant power supplies and redundant robotics. With its modular capability the Neo scales from 1 drive and 26 cartridges to 16 drives and 240 cartridges. Neo accommodates DLT8000, SDLT, SDLT320, LTO or LTO2 drives. Optional Fibre Channel connectivity is also available.
AIT Library Pro Series
High capacity, high performance, expandable, modular unit featuring AIT drive technology. The PowerLoader series delivers reliable backup and storage for mid range applications. Scales from 1 drive and 19 cartridges to 18 drives and 171 cartridges.
Echo Box / Shadow Box
Workgroup level units available in tabletop or rackmount versions. The Echo Box supports 1 or 2 DLT8000, SDLT, or SDLT320 drives with 15 tape slots. The Echo Box also supports 1 or 2 LTO or LTO2 drives with 17 tape slots. The Shadow Box features one DLT8000, SDLT or SDLT320 drive with 10 cartridge slots. The SHADOW Box also supports one LTO or LTO2 drive with 11 cartridge slots.


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