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  • Intelligent Storage Networking Software
  • LUN Masking and Load Balancing Capabilities
  • Dynamic LUN Assignment
  • Supports Heterogeneous Storage Area Networks
  • Ideal for Mission-Critical Applications

Valuable storage component

The SANpath® software module is an important component of Dot Hill's SANnet storage solutions. SANpath ensures constant availability of data across your storage network, enhances network-server bandwidth, enables modifications to the storage network without server restarts, and provides LUN Masking capabilities. SANpath optimizes your storage network so that your enterprise can meet the demands of today's information-driven business environment.

Storage Area Networking
SANpath works with SANnet storage systems to enhance your storage area network (SAN), making access and management of your data more efficient and convenient. With SANpath managing your SAN, data can be accessed from multiple heterogeneous servers, whether distributed, centralized or both. SANpath also allows the servers to share centralized storage. SANpath integrates closely with SANscape®, Dot Hill's enterprise-wide SAN management software, to provide a nearly seamless SAN management environment.

Continuous Data Availability
Continuous computing is essential for today's nonstop Internet-focused business operations. SANpath ensures constant data availability across the SAN by creating parallel active storage paths. In the event of a storage network problem, SANpath automatically and transparently reroutes server traffic to a redundant storage path without any server interruptions. This "self-healing" capability is achieved by SANpath's powerful and robust failover and failback features.

Load Balancing
SANpath ensures peak performance of your SAN through load balancing. SANpath continually monitors servers to prevent storage network performance bottlenecks. If a potential performance bottleneck is detected, SANpath automatically redistributes server traffic among a server's storage paths. Data throughput between servers and storage devices can be doubled with SANpath.

LUN Masking
SANpath provides LUN Masking capabilities that allow multiple servers to share a storage system. SANpath even allows you to dynamically add, reassign, or remove server storage volumes as needed. This enables online expansion of your storage capacity and performance.

Dynamic LUN assignment
SANpath features dynamic LUN assignment, which is a state-of-the-art capability that enables storage resources to be assigned, and even reassigned, without the need to restart them. This greatly reduces scheduled downtime.







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