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OpenAxis Intelligence Overview



  • Affordable, Intelligent 1U Storage Manager

  • Connects to Any Storage, Networks or Servers

  • Optimizes Existing Storage / Networks for Max ROI

  • Protects Data with Mirroring, Replication or Recovery

  • Simplifies Storage with Powerful, Intuitive Software

The intelligence your storage is missing.

The Axis Storage Manager gives you the flexibility to use DAS, NAS and SAN together with your existing IP and Fibre Channel networks to lower costs, improve functionality, and add impressive new storage management capabilities. Axis simplifies storage management, accelerates your return on investment, provides secure information protection and effectively optimizes limited IT resources.

By connecting your existing or new SCSI, Ethernet or Fibre Channel (FC) storage infrastructure to standard IP/Ethernet or FC infrastructure, Axis allows you to leverage, rather than replace, your existing storage assets. Axis combines advanced data center functionality with appliance-level simplicity by offering a rich set of both standard and optional features:

Standard Features Optional Features
  • Storage Resource
    Management (SRM)
  • Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  • Storage Routing
  • Point-In-Time Volume Imaging
  • Comprehensive Client/
    Server Security
  • Intuitive, Centralized
    Web-based GUI
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Replication
  • Real-Time Mirroring
  • File Services (NAS)
  • High Availability Clustering
  • Serverless Backup
    and More


Four Task-Optimized Models To Choose From:

Axis DR
Protecting information can be challenging. The usual methods involve several software applications and complex manual processes. Axis DR provides all the capabilities required in a completely integrated and highly automated solution.

Axis SAN
Axis SAN provides businesses with the ability to effectively use existing direct attached storage and storage area networks while taking advantage of their existing IP networks for storage.

Axis Advanced
Axis Advanced provides all the features of Axis Basic plus Fibre Channel support. The result is any-to-any connectivity between storage and networks.

Axis Basic
Axis Basic is an affordable standalone unit that offers all the standard features of Axis, from virtualization and the provisioning of storage assets over IP, to point-in-time volume imaging, SRM, LVM, serverless backup and more.



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