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  • Enterprise-wide SAN
    Management Software
  • Manage Your Entire SAN From a
    Single Console
  • Integrates With SNMP-aware Enterprise Management Suites
  • Powerful and Simple Graphical User Interface
  • Drag-and-Drop Feature for Dynamic LUN Assignment

Centralized SAN Management
SANscape® is a Java-based software utility that combines storage area network (SAN) configuration, maintenance, and monitoring tools into a single, easy-to-use application. SANscape provides centralized administration of Dot Hill's SANnet storage systems across existing local and wide area networks. It greatly simplifies storage management and reduces its administration costs.

Powerful User Interface
The SANscape graphical interface uses intuitive controls and graphics to present configuration options, maintenance features, and status information for storage systems and servers. A color-coded design provides feedback and clear status information for each SAN component. Critical conditions that require immediate attention are always easily identified and simple to locate. Configuration features and controls are well marked and operate smoothly. SANscape is also very easy to learn through its use of familiar interface elements. SANscape even provides a powerful drag-and-drop interface for the dynamic LUN assignment feature in SANpath®, which works closely with SANscape to provide a nearly seamless SAN management environment.

SAN Monitoring and Event Notification
SANscape provides complete monitoring of all your storage resources. These resources can include Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), RAID controllers, servers, disk drives, and even enclosures. From a single SANscape console located anywhere on a network, system administrators can view entire storage systems, change server and storage configurations, monitor server and storage status, and even schedule routine maintenance. In the event of a status change, SANscape sends real-time, proactive alerts to the system administrator via its console display, e-mail, or through an alphanumeric pager, allowing you to monitor your storage system remotely. SANscape can also send alerts to HP OpenView, Computer Associates' UniCenter TNG, and other SNMP-aware enterprise management suites and, if you choose, to Dot Hill's Global Response Center.

Easy SAN Configuration
Setup and management of a SAN is easy with SANscape. Custom configuration options allow network administrators to configure storage volumes, RAID levels, cache modes, stripe sizes, and other storage parameters to meet particular server and application requirements. The dynamic LUN assignment capability allows for these configurations to be made without restarting the servers, thereby reducing downtime. With SANscape's unsurpassed ease of use and attention to detail, even the most ambitious SANs are simple to manage.






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