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SANnet 2 FC



  • Supports multiple servers and operating systems
  • Flexible and scalable

  • Carrier-class reliability - NEBS Level 3 Certified

  • Enterprise class features

  • Locate/remote management from a single console

  • Stores up to 1.75TB in 2U - Expandable to 28TB

SANnet II Fibre Channel is a compact, rugged, high performance,12-drive RAID storage system that is specifically designed for applications such as image processing, Web streaming, e-mail, messaging, file, print and database servers.

Superior Value
Built with Dot Hill's OpenAxis Intelligence, SANnet II easily integrates into diverse network environments and is compatible with most of today's popular server platforms including Windows, Linux and all flavors of Unix.

The initial set-up is simple because SANnet II is factory configured. Just install the host adapter, attach a Fibre Channel cable, power on the system and you're done! And, it can directly connect to open systems servers without network switches - it reduces complexity and cost. For larger environments, SANnet II connects to standard Fibre Channel fabric switches to support hundreds of servers.

Flexible and Scalable
SANnet II supports 36, 73, and 146GB drives with 10,000 or 15,000 RPM speeds. Easily scale storage capacity by adding disks and enclosures as needed. Start with 72GB and grow to 1.75TB in just 3.5 inches of rack space. Need more? Scale up to 192 drives for a capacity up to 28TB.

World-class Performance
With two 2Gbit Fibre Channel host connections, SANnet II provides sustained data transfer rates up to 1,400MB per second and up to 160,000 I/Os per second. This speed, combined with the load-balancing, multi-pathing capabilities of Dot Hill's SANpath software, delivers unmatched performance and data availability.

Reliable and Serviceable
Continuous access to information is essential to your business. SANnet II is independently certified to NEBS Level 3 and MIL-SPEC-810F standards - providing you with "carrier-class" reliability. Your data is safe with the highest uptime offered in today's marketplace at 99.9998+% - that's less than 40 seconds of downtime a year.

SANnet II offers high availability for your critical applications by providing 100% redundant components and hot-swappable components. These include N+1 RAID controllers, dual fans and power supplies, disk drives, event monitoring units and battery-backed cache memory.



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