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Stealth Corporate Solutions

Stealth Corporate Solutions
Performance and platform stability, that's what these systems are all about. IT departments are faced with the challenge of support a large deployment of PC's. The problem is amplified when the systems are all of a different configurations. Let us introduce you to the Stealth corporate PC. These custom built machines provide best of bread technology, reliability and high performance. What about that platform stability ? How about product life cycles of upto 18 months. This removes the need to continually build custom images for each new batch of systems or try to figure out what hardware is inside the box for updates and maintenance. Take advantage of our factory integration services and we will preload your image onto the systems for you and apply your asset tags to the systems. By taking advantage of the asset tagging in our facilities, your asset tags will be linked within our e-commerce system directly to the individual invoice, providing you with easy access to everything you would want to know about the system. We also keep you apprised of upcoming technology changes in advance that would affect your platforms with enough time to ensure a smooth transition. Technology ownership in the corporate world is a continual lifecycle and we can help with managing every step. From the initial planning for hardware configurations to integration services for software and tracking to assistance with system deployment. Beyond that our 3Year standard warranty and optional warranty coverage helps maintain your deployed systems. When the time for replacement comes we can assist with the transition to the new systems and removal of the old. We can assist with recovering any remaining value from the hardware being replaced or ensure it is disposed of in a environmentally responsible manner. Featuring Intel® processors Stealth Corporate PC's help maximize IT time and minimize the overall cost of technology ownership. Let us help you.


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